Self-Assessment Toolkit (SAT)

The aim of the Self-Assessment Toolkit (SAT) is to helps CAPS projects to assess their socio-economic, environmental and political impacts. Through the SAT project coordinators will be able to run autonomously the assessment.
Each project, by simply logging to the SAT, will find a list of questions to be answered in order to assess projects’ impacts: some information will have to be provided by the projects themselves, while other will be prefilled by the IA4SI team, thanks to the information gathered during projects mapping
In the coming months projects will be also able to see their users’ feedback on projects output (e.g. perceived benefits in terms of social capital improvement, cost reduction, better social and political participation).
Once entered all the data the SAT will visualize the result of the impact assessment in a concise and user-friendly way.
The data gathered will be anonymised and further elaborated by the IA4SI team in order to assess the impact of the CAPS domain.


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