IA4SI News

  • On the 15th of September, IA4SI teamed up with another CAPS project, Scicafe2.0’s, to hold a session on IA4SI and Scicafe2.0 projects’ goals, research work and tools that are being developed. The session, which was hosted in Brussels by the Expertisecentrum Wetenschapscommunicatie Brussel (http://www.wtnschp.be), was followed by an audience from nine different higher education institutions from Belgium.

  • new-carousel-ict2015-500x254px_10821_0IA4SI @ ICT 2015 Innovate, Connect, Transform, Lisbon, 20-22/10/2015: The biggest ICT event in the EU calendar is back! Join ICT 2015 to network, follow interesting debates in the conference, hear the latest news on the European Commission’s new policies and initiatives with regard to R&I in ICT, find information about funding opportunities and much more!

  • impact4you_V4Want to learn more about Social Innovation in Europe?

    Visit Impact4you!

    …a space where European citizens can discover the different CAPS  projects and their offered tools.

    Visit Impact4you platform and voice your opinion by answering selected questions related to social innovation initiatives


  • “The Value of (Digital) Social Innovation” during the CAPS2015 event in Brussels on the 7th of July 2015. A lot of people were interested and participate to the Workshop supporting that IA4SI clearly contributed to explain and enlarge the discussion about what is Digital Social Innovation!

  • IA4SI will participate to the workshop “Social innovation, policies and public policies” organized by the SEiSMiC project

    The worksop is an event of the italian network and will develop three working session on
    collaborative mapping, new urban economies and civic monitoring of public services.
    From the project website: “The SEiSMiC project helps tackle Europe’s biggest urban problems by engaging citizens, identifying social innovation needs, and contributing to future urban policies and research strategies. It builds diverse networks of urban stakeholders to propose effective, widely agreed solutions. It then engages the public in creative ways, so that research learns from citizens, and citizens learn from research”.

  • Magdalena Jasik- IA4SI gives EU-citizens the opportunity to discover and discuss CAPS-projects 

    On 9th February, the IA4SI project reaches another milestone by launching its Impact4you platform. With this online tool, IA4SI will engage EU-citizens towards the CAPS projects specifically and the social innovation domain in general. While social innovation initiatives are emerging in many European countries and an increasing number of EU-citizens are nowadays involved in them, a large majority of Europeans still needs to discover these activities better.
    On the impact4you platform EU-citizens will be able get to know the 8 CAPS projects by means of concise but accessible project descriptions. The first part of each description allows Europeans to learn about the aim, the objectives and the societal importance of the CAPS project. This is followed by an explanation of the tools and services developed by the project, as well as the initiatives that have been and well be initiated. The necessary information is provided to enable the finding of these online tools on the web and to inform about how one can participate in certain events organised by the CAPS. The final section details which kinds of people each CAPS project addresses.
    The major novelty of the platform is its interactive nature. Impact4you invites EU citizens to assess each of the projects by answering some questions. In addition, on the Impact4you platform a  dedicated forum has been created in order to allow citizens to can share their thoughts and discuss with others about the CAPS projects, the societal challenges the CAPS projects deal with or other social innovation related concerns or questions. Thanks to the provision of links and social media buttons, visitors can also share the project descriptions or other interesting information they have learned on the platform. Finally, a twitter-feed and latest news section allows visitors also to stay in touch with the latest development in the CAPS community.
    In order to engage people on the platform, IA4SI will launch from February 2015 onwards online campaigns as well as organise dedicated seminars and special events regarding outputs of the CAPS projects in 2015. Follow our website to keep in touch and follow the calendar.  We invite all EU-citizens, but also academics, social innovation practitioners and policy makers to already have a look at www.impact4you.eu, to start discussions or join ongoing deliberations about CAPS projects, and to spread the word about the existence of our platform to your fellow citizens.
    Your opportunities on Impact4you platform
    ➢     Latest news – you can keep up with the coming events related to social innovation
    ➢     Learning more about CAPS projects and their results – Are you  worried about the growing energy consumption? Would you like to track the most socially responsible companies in your area? Or would you like to suggest a topic to be taken up at the Science Cafe? Learn more about the goals, tools, services, events and the other initiatives, as well as the target groups (possibly you can also directly benefit from their services)
    ➢     Polling – you can vote on the projects and express your ideas
    ➢     Joining the community and get involved in social innovation
    ➢       Registration on the Forum – you can participate in the discussions about all the CAPS projects, as well as tools, services and initiatives that have been provided

  • The IA4SI project will present the paper: “Hichhiking guide to digital social innovation”, Anania, L., Passani, A at the 20th ITS Biennal Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from 30 November to 3 december 2014

  • The IA4SI project has successfully presented the paper “Collective Awareness Platform for Sustainability and Social Innovation (CAPS) Understanding them and Analysing their Impacts” in the XI Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS Digital Innovation and Inclusive Knowledge in Times of Change held in Genova, Italy

  • IA4SI is glad to invite all the CAPS projects to the First Workshop on the IA4SI methodology and tools that will be held in Rome on the 4th of April. For more information about the workshop and the venue please look at the following flyer (link). Looking forward to see you in Rome, the IA4SI team.

  • IA4SI will participate in the Workshop on Free/Open Source Distributed Platforms for Peer Production, to be held on December 9-10, 2013, in Madrid